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FIEO Registration

The Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) is a platform that regulates all export related organizations in India. Partnered with the Government of India, it has been working actively to extend and enhance India's exports, and assisting entrepreneurs and exporters in a foreign market.

A FIEO registration not just helps the businessmen get global exposure, but also avail various benefits, concessions and schemes for international trade.

Why Choose FIEO

  • Be a part of worldwide network
  • Facilitated & subsidized travel
  • Avail government incentives
  • Assistance in exportation
  • Free hosting on FIEO website

As a team of experienced business advisors, we at CONTABILL make your interaction with the government as smooth as possible and complete the application filing on your behalf. With sound knowledge, our experts will throw complete clarity on the procedure and make sure you avail the most from the registration.



Global Exposure

FIEO registration enables exporters to get useful guidance and international exposure from Federation of Indian Export Organisations.

Guidance via online chat

An exporter with an FIEO registration can get necessary guidance via online chat on issues like FTP & corporate laws etc.

Free Online business

E-commerce portal e-bay gives facility to run free online stores to FIEO Members for 6 months & Amazon gives this offer for 3 months.

Subsidy on air-travel

One of the FIEO membership benefits is that the FIEO exporters get significant10% discount on all domestic & international air-tickets.

Easy & Affordable credit rating

The Prominent credit rating agency CRISIL gives 10% discount on credibility analysis services for FIEO exporters.

Export-Promotion Programmes

FIEO registration allows the exporters to engage in the Export-Promotion Programmes like seminars, workshops & certification courses.