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Worry Free GST Amendments

Under the GST regime, registration is the foremost and the essential step. Without the registration and obtaining of GSTIN Number, the taxpayer may not be identified.

One needs to therefore be extremely careful while filling in the details of the registration form. However, if somebody enters the wrong details or misses out some important fields, or wishes to shift between GST schemes, GST REG 14 eases the hurdles.

By filing a GST Reg 14 form, you can correct the information without visiting any government office or center. While the PAN Details cannot be changed, the following amendments can be done:

  • Name of business
  • Address of the business
  • Addition or deletion of partners
  • Mobile number or e-mail address
  • Shuttle between Normal and Composite Scheme

At CONTABILL, we initiate the process and deliver modified certificates to you at the most affordable rates. Our expertise in verification and scanning of documents ensures you of complete satisfaction.

Process :

  • Collection of Details
  • Scanning and Submission of Documents
  • Our follow up on modification
  • Verification of changes



GST application

Anyone whose GST application is being processed as well as whose business is already registered under GST.

What all can be changed?

Details like Name & place of business, addition/deletion of partners or directors and contact details of the authorized signatory.

Voluntary modification

In case of any error in GST certificate is detected or a change is required, GST modification can be done immediately.

Change in the Company Name.

If there is a change in the name of the business firm or the company name, the same should be immediately updated with GST modification.

Other changes

In case, any other details have to be changed besides the aforementioned, GST modification will be done by only filing GST REG 14.

Can PAN Be changed?

No. If there is a change of a PAN of a business firm, it can be updated with new GST registration.