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Enhance Your Data Security

Information is an invaluable asset to every business. Be it legal, physical and technical, it consequently needs to be protected and secured. Especially with data theft and privacy issues being quite common these days, every company needs to manage its information systems and to make them reliable.

Encompassing people, processes and IT systems – the ISO 27001 certification provides efficient management of sensitive corporate information, highlighting vulnerabilities to ensure it is adequately protected against potential threats. It coordinates all your security efforts - electronically and physically.

Why Choose ISO 27001

  • Expanded security mindfulness
  • Increased business resilience
  • Improved management processes
  • Better customer and business partner confidence

At CONTABILL, we coherently take the security of your business information seriously. Supporting you in every phase of the certification process – from planning to implementation, our cost-effective processes promise protection of all sensitive information and invariably help businesses achieve their goals.



Main Purpose

The International Organization for Standardization has introduced ISO 27001 to increase emphasis on the advancement of the security of organization's Information Management System.

Continual Security of ISMS

ISO 27001 has been framed to provide a basis for development, implementation, maintenance and continual updating of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Boosts Client Relationship Management

ISO 27001 improves organizational repute in terms of Information security and reliability. This ultimately boosts Client Relationship Management (CRM).

Use in Fintech Companies

Data security management is a primary concern especially for financial institutions, insurance companies, and banks. ISO 27001 certification is necessary to boost the credibility of a fintech concern.

Importance in IT Sector

Today is the era of cloud computing, where data leakage can adversely impact the repute of an Information Technology (IT) firm. ISO 27001 certification gives assurance of absolute security of the data.

Continual improvement

Many government agencies including the Income Tax Department are ISO 27001 certified. These departments store very confidential data of citizens and keeping it safe is their primary concern.