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Protect Health and Welfare of your Workforce

In a world of constant change, your employee health and wellness can remain constant. ISO 45001 provides a clear framework to mitigate risk and improve business performance through a safer working environment and a healthier workforce.

An international certification, it enables organizations demonstrate their commitment to workplace safety and reinforce their business reputation. A simple certification will prove that you care about employee health and safety obligations, and also minimizing any risks.

Why Choose ISO 45001

  • Healthier and safer workforce
  • Maximized productivity
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Gain employee trust

With a vast knowledge spread across various sectors, at CONTABILL, we assure you the confidence with our technical capabilities and assessment expertise. Keeping track of the requirements along with the assessment process, we ensure guidance at every step and ensure the process is as smooth as it could get.




ISO 50001 specifies the conditions for determining, executing, controlling and improving an energy management system within the organization.

Systematic Energy Management

ISO 50001:2018 aims at enabling an organization to develop a methodical approach for continual enhancement of energy efficiency, energy security, green energy use and wise energy consumption.

Sustainable Energy Use

ISO 50001:2018 compels the organizations to frame a policy for smart and sustainable use of energy and development of ideal Energy management system (EnMS).

Wise decision making

ISO 50001 emphasizes the use of data to better recognise the challenges and make decisions about wise energy consumption.

Energy Proficiency

Much more than the primary aspect of energy efficiency, the ISO 50001:2018 also insists on boosting proficiency in the energy efficiency of an organization.

SWOT Analysis

ISO 50001 certification insists on tracing risks & opportunities to avoid adverse effects and likewise, favourable conditions that could result in potential benefits.