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Single Person, Multiple Benefits

A refinement of sole proprietorship and company formation, OPC is a company which contains exactly one member, without the need to have more partners. Under this concept, one shareholder owns 100% stake of the company. While there can be more than 1 director, the stake holder can only be a single person.

Additionally, OPC is a separate legal entity distinguished from its promoter, and the promoter is not personally liable to repay the debts of the company.

We at CONTABILL, simplify the online filing and process of One Person Company registration. Making the process convenient, our services include drafting the Memorandum & Articles of Association, name approval, Certificate of Incorporation and various other registrations for registration.

Why Choose OPC

  • Independent Existence
  • Minimum Requirements
  • Raise Funds Easily
  • Legal Status
  • Tax Flexibility & Savings

Document Required:

  • PAN card or Passport
  • Driver's License or Voter’s ID
  • Updated Bank account Statement/Mobile Bill
  • Passport-sized photo


  • Submit Documents
  • Reserve Company Name
  • Obtain DSC, MOA & AOA
  • Get Incorporation Certificate
  • Obtain PAN & TAN



Limited Liability

Liability of shareholder for the losses of the company is limited to their contribution only.

Single Owner

The key feature of OPC is One Person Company managed by a single owner.

Separate Legal Entity

OPC is a separate legal entity from his/her owner in the eyes of law.

Share Transferability

OPC owner's equity cannot be transferred freely to others.

Lesser Compliances

OPC requires less compliances as compare to private & public limited.


One nominee required who will take over OPC in case owner absence.