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Shared Responsibility for More Profits

A partnership firm is a business structure in which two or more individuals manage a business, and share the agreed profits or losses. The only criterion to commence business as a partnership is the finalization and execution of a Partnership Deed.

In such a business, there is no compulsion to be registered, and businesses can exist as an unregistered firm. However, being registered comes with its own set of benefits.

At CONTABILL, we help you register a partnership firm anywhere in India. Our affordable charges and superior quality service assure you of peace of mind and the focus to grow your business, while we take care of the requirements.

Why Choose Partnership

  • Easy to form
  • Less Legal Obligations
  • Combined Ownership and Control
  • Better Decision Making
  • Shared Burden

Document Required:

  • Partnership Act Application Form
  • Original copy of Partnership Deed
  • Affidavit from partners
  • Address Proof


  • Upload Documents and complete checklist
  • Have documents verified by our professionals
  • Execution of Partnership Deed
  • Apply TAN & PAN




Partnership firm is a business form in which 2 or more individuals can join hands to do business.

Easy Formation

Partnership firm can be easily & quickly registered in comparison to other form of business.

Low Cost Registration

As comparison to other business form, cost of registering partnership firm is very low.

Tax Benefit

More Tax Saving as compare to sole proprietor business form.

Sharing of Risk

Individuals having same business goal can form and share risk & rewards.

Compliances & Disclosure

Least compliance & disclosure required as compare to other business form.